Why CAI Membership Pays


  • CAI believes homeowner and condominium associations can and should exceed the expectations of their residents. We work with you to meet the evolving needs of your community and its residents. By being a trusted forum for the collaborative exchange of knowledge and information, we help you learn, excel and achieve.
  • CAI gives you the education, knowledge and understanding to make you the expert—to give you the expertise and perspective you need to be an effective and respected leader.
  • CAI provides the information, tools, resources and support you need to help you find creative solutions and achieve important goals—without burnout and without sacrificing other important personal and professional pursuits.
  • CAI works with you to defend and support the community association concept—to ensure that association leaders can preserve the collective right of homeowners to sustain their communities and protect their property values.
  • CAI can give you exactly what you need, whether you’re a professional manager, board member or corporate executive.
  • For community managers and corporate executives, CAI helps you earn and enhance your status as a respected, trusted and successful professional.
  • For community association board members and other homeowner leaders, CAI helps you achieve the results you need and respect you deserve.
  • For product and service providers, CAI provides a platform to build your reputation and grow your business.

Board Members/Volunteer Leaders—Personal and Community ROI

  • Money-saving and time-saving help, advice and insights at chapter events; in the pages of Common Ground™, Minutes and chapter periodicals; on CAI national and chapter websites; and on the members-only Message Board.
  • Information that helps you make good decisions—and protects you and your association from costly mistakes and missteps.
  • Legal insights can help you prevent lawsuits and save you and your community thousands of dollars and an equal number of headaches.
  • Ideas about landscaping and building maintenance can save you money—and help your community become more environmentally friendly.
  • Professional advice on assessment collection, foreclosure, reserves, investments and banking can help you navigate choppy fiscal waters.
  • Expert perspective on rules enforcement can help you achieve compliance and avoid unnecessary turmoil and community friction.
  • Money-saving member-discount programs.
  • The latest information and insights on legislative, regulatory and legal issues that can guide your decision-making and help you prepare for the future.

Professional Managers—Personal and Professional ROI

  • Education, training, networking and professional designations—all more important than ever in a competitive market.
  • CAI’s Professional Management Development Program (PMDP)—the industry standard in education, with classes led by the recognized industry leaders. Members who take advantage of CAI education and training are more valuable to their employers—and more marketable to potential employers.
  • Access to CAI’s webinar program—a convenient, low-cost way to learn and earn designation credits.
  • Unique and unparalleled networking opportunities nationally and locally—an important advantage in terms of expert resources and career success.\
  • Job Market—the single best resource for management professionals looking for new and better opportunities. Best of all, you can post anonymous profiles.
  • CAI designations —a sure path to greater professionalism, increased job security and enhanced marketability. Members with designations are automatically listed in CAI’s online Directory of Credentialed Professionals.
  • The latest information and insights on legislative, regulatory and legal issues that affect the way you manage associations.
  • The latest news, information and perspective in the pages of Common Ground™, CAI’s award-winning bimonthly magazine; Community Manager, a specialized, bimonthly newsletter just for community managers; and chapter periodicals.
  • Money-saving member-discount programs.

Business Partners—Corporate ROI

  • For most community association service providers, just one new association client more than pays for your membership. Just one! And your membership tells community association board members, managers and management company executives that you are committed to the growth and success of the industry as a whole. You and your company are viewed, not just as a business, but as supportive corporate friend.
  • Increased visibility in the marketplace by taking advantage of many free opportunities to promote your expertise, from writing for chapter and national publications to speaking at local and national conferences and seminars.
  • Free, business-building inclusion in the National Service Directory, part of a website that tops one million visits a year.
  • Countless marketing opportunities at member-discounted rates. With national and chapter sponsorships, advertising and trade shows, there are options to suit any company—local, regional or national.
  • Numerous networking opportunities, the chance to meet management company executives, managers and association board members—the people who purchase products and services.
  • Money-saving member-discount programs.
For more information contact VP of Communications and Marketing at the national CAI office:
Frank Rathbun

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